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The fact that ArtCraft has always had designers, toolmakers, and engineers in its midst has has made it relatively easy for the company to develop special-purpose spectacle products for a wide variety of customers.

In addition to creating eye shapes and temple designs for rather obvious functions, such as sunglasses or prescription eyewear, the staff's comprehensive knowledge of frame materials -- with metals for example: monel vs. stainless steel vs. nickel silver vs. titanium...corresponding tensile strengths, densities, groove depths and eyewire profiles, coating receptivity and its bearing on durability and colorization, etc. -- is incorporated with a host of other details to craft the perfect response to the specific needs of each and every client.

Over the years, we have had the privilege of working with medical firms, lens manufacturers, sunglass manufacturers, optical retail chains, and our nation’s military. We have developed everything from spectacle components to finished frames.

Sample #1: Design and produce a specialized spectacle for a leading medical company. It would would accommodate prescription lenses and feature an integrated mounting plaque to accept a binocular lens and lighting device, utilized by doctors in surgical procedures.

Sample #2: Design and produce a spectacle to meet the new standards for high-performance jet fighter aircrew: stronger than existing products, greatest possible prescription lens accommodation, comfortable fit, and sized to work with the current helmet visor and oxygen mask.

Sample #3: Develop a sunglass spectacle of acetate plastic and metal components from a leading international sunglass firm’s design concepts.

Sample #4: Design and develop a specialized spectacle for a leading laser research firm that can accommodate laser protection lenses and mounted laser side shields for prescription and plano lenses.


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