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In addition to being a manufacturer of ophthalmic dress and safety eyeglass frames, ArtCraft provides high-quality acrylic/urethane Electrophoretic Coating (E-Coating) services.

To put it simply: E-Coating is a coloring process.

More specifically, E-Coating is a system that uses chemical solutions and electricity to administer a protective coating on to electrically conductive objects.

"Unfinished" metal pieces are charged with an electric current while they are immersed in tanks containing an emulsion which holds the opposite electrical charge. Because of the charge, color particles in the tank are drawn to the exposed surfaces of the metal pieces, continually accumulating/depositing until no metallic surface area remains. The process results in a perfectly even coat.

E-Coating is used on a wide variety of items/products: eyewear, jewelry, car parts, boat parts, stampings, castings, door knobs, plumbing fixtures, and many others.

The process is fast: products that require preparatory cleaning can be immersed in the E-Coating tanks while they are still wet, eliminating the need for lengthy drying time.

The thickness of the coat is easy to control; specifications are easy to meet.

The coat is extraordinarily even; there are no runs, sags, or blobs.

Coatings are thorough; there are no "hard-to-reach" or "hard-to-see" places.

Coated pieces are very durable and resistant to chemicals/solvents, fluctuations in temperature, ultraviolet light, corrosives, general use, etc.

Coated pieces can receive additional processing: silk-screening, hot stamping, painting, transfer printing, etc.

Coated pieces are well-insulated and, after the process has been completed, they are only conductive at the contact points used during the process.

ArtCraft has decades of experience in plating, electro-plating, and electro-coating.

To learn more about the specifics of E-Coating at ArtCraft and to find out how we can help you, please contact one of ArtCraft's Customer Service Representatives.


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