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Art-Craft Optical Co., Inc. / ArtCraft New York ("ArtCraft") respects the privacy of all visitors to this web site. No personal information is collected about you or other users of your computer as a result of your visit to this site; your personal identity remains anonymous.

This web site does not use "cookies" or any similar form of information tracking/collection tool.

Personal information included in correspondence sent by you to ArtCraft is used only to communicate with you regarding your inquiry or to assist in the provision of an answer to your inquiry. Subsequent use of personal information will not take place without your consent. ArtCraft does not make use of "electronic mailing lists" and will not sell or in some other way supply your personal information to any other group or individual. (If personal information were passed to another group or individual in the natural course of business, it would never be done without your knowledge and consent.)

ArtCraft's web site host collects information of a non-personal nature about your computer and your visit to ArtCraft's web site. The information that is collected may include (but is not limited to) your computer's specifications (the CPU and its clock speed, available RAM, operating system, etc.), your IP address, the URL that referred you to the site (if any), your browser make and model, the length of your visit, your monitor's resolution setting, etc. Primarily, the information is used in an aggregate fashion for the analysis of effective marketing and the consideration of subsequent improvements to the site. Regardless of what information is collected, none of it will identify you personally.

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ArtCraft does not place third party advertisements on this web site. If you see banner, pop-up, or other types of ads from a third party, ArtCraft is not responsible for presenting them to you.

This web site contains links to other web sites. ArtCraft assumes no liability for the Privacy Policies or practices of the parties responsible for other web sites. Please review the privacy policies and terms of use available on other sites as you visit them.

ArtCraft reserves the right to change this policy at any time. Future developments and changes to the site will always be reflected in this policy (when applicable). The last changes/updates to this policy were made on October 17th, 2004.

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