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During the early years, spectacles were often produced in solid gold. Alternatively, they were sold with gold-filled materials. Intricate, distinctive patterns were coined and hand engraved to bridges, endpieces, and temples.

As the years passed, gold was still the metal of choice for frames. Other metals, however, were offered as cost-effective alternatives. A
s a case in point: aluminum was “the material for eyewear during the latter sixties and early seventies. It was used for fronts, temples, tops, and overlay material for plastics.

Like nearly all the metals used for frames, aluminum could be coined with dimensional patterns, finished with a polished gloss and/or a satin matte, anodized in appealing fashionable colors (including combinations of colors), and embellished with hand engraving and/or crystal or colored baguettes.

Over the years, other metals, used in similar fashion, have included (and still include) nickel, nickel-silver, stainless steel, and titanium.


For many of the metal frames offered at ArtCraft over the years, cable temples have been offered in every imaginable size. The cable for the temples was wound at ArtCraft and the finished temples boasted world-recognized excellence with their craftsmanship. To this day, ArtCraft cable temples are available for several frames, including the Art-Bilt Rimway, below.

Art-Bilt Rimway

The Rimway, among other classics, like the Clubman Art-Rim and the Art-Bilt 100A, represents ArtCraft's legacy in today's optical marketplace.

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