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MAIN OFFICE: 585.546.6640
Customer Service: 800.828.8288
Customer Service Fax: 585.546.5133

57 Goodway Drive South
Rochester, New York 14623
e-mail: aco@artcraftoptical.com


Through the years, ArtCraft’s products have consistently reflected the demands of the market and the trends of fashion, thanks to its employees.


The people who work at ArtCraft today, and the thousands of people who have worked at ArtCraft in the past, are responsible for maintaining the caliber of product sold by the company.

Starting in 1918 and continuing to this day, ArtCraft's employees have produced frames of the highest quality, rivaling or outmatching those made anywhere else in the world.

We take special pride in the frames we make and we hope that everyone who wears one takes special pride in knowing that it was made here, in the U.S.

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