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57 Goodway Drive South
Rochester, New York 14623
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Art-Craft Optical Co., Inc., was formed in 1918 by Charles J. Eagle and Otto W. Dechau.

ArtCraft - circa 1948

Since its earliest years, the company has had a few headquarters, including the historic Pullman Building (pictured above/below) located in downtown Rochester, NY. The building was home to the company for decades.

ArtCraft -  circa 1953


ArtCraft - circa 1960

During 2001, ArtCraft left the Pullman Building for a modern one-story facility in a new industrial park. “I miss the old place. I practically grew up there,” said C. Thomas Eagle, son of Charles J. Eagle and the current owner/CEO of ArtCraft.

ArtCraft Today

“A lot has changed since I joined the company in the late ‘50s,” said Eagle. “Our new building is a great reminder of the necessity for change. We clearly benefitted from the move.”

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